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Someone who has a large penis. And is extremely good at making people who's names are Amber, Michael, Johnathan, or Amor moan in the act of "making love." This person is also a very handsome person. With a large penis. He may sometimes act homosexual but, the truth is he loves a good tight vagina. His preferred type of women are brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice big ass, and a nice pair of d's or double d's. He has a big penis. It normally ranges anywhere from 8.5 to 9 inches long. He wears a shoe size of anywhere from a 15 to a 27. This person tends to be tall and muscular with a good hair cut. He also will have a big penis. He is always a clean and shaven sorta guy. He hates to shave his face but will do it if someone special to him points it out. He gives orgasmic sex. DO NOT FORGET.

Huge Penis.
Dalton Thomas' loves: Amor, Michael, Johnathan, Amber.

Dalton Thomas has a big (biggest) penis.

Dalton Thomas gives the best sex.
by jackdanielsdrinker32 June 07, 2010

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