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Kikoolol is a word that describes annoying people (generally no older than 12 but older people are sadly known to indulge in this too) who cannot help writting lol in every sentence of their instant messaging service or e-mails 'cause they're just too awkward, they put smillies everywhere to point out if their sentence means happy or sad and, what is enraging from the start of their communication to you, they don't say "hello", they say "kikoo".
So you got it, kikoolol comes from the contraction of kikoo (hello, possibly derived from the French "coucou" or directly from the japanese kikoo and lol (lots of laughs...)
Generally speaking, a kikoolol is a person who thinks they're hip 'n all friendly but they're just insecure loosers who get on everybodies nerves.
e-mail from kikoolol to all staff: Kikoo!!!! my name is Camille, this is my first day at work, for those who haven't met me yet :-):-), I love Los Angeleeees!!! lol but I hate New York :-( lol lol

e-mail from worker: I need to get a new job
by jackbun November 06, 2007

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