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Transgender Anarchy: A sociopolitical movement combining aspects of radical queer politics and anarchy.
The genderqueer kid had "tranarchy" buzzed into the side of zir mohawk.
by jackbnimble17 March 29, 2010
A cisgender boy or man who is primarily attracted to women who identify as lesbians/dykes. Often, these women are "butch" and/or masculine in presentation. This is a counterpart to "girlfag" and not the same as a heterosexual man who gets turned on by women being sexual together.
Jack is such a boydyke - he's always hitting on butches at the bar.
by jackbnimble17 March 29, 2010
a coming together of queers who desire a radically new social arrangement - one which is based on co-operation and collective efforts, not (hetero-capitalist) competition
The queers from limp fist postered the alley with anti-racist art.
by jackbnimble17 March 29, 2010
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