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the same as a weekday except spent jacking off.

Jackday's are spent usually watching porn (or whatever gets you off), regular tv or movies, gaming, chatting, texting or surfing the net. To be considered a full fledge jackday one must not have any direct human contact for more than 1 hour in a 24 hour period.

to have an EPIC jackday you must have at least 8 sessions within the 24 hour period of your jackday.

if you only have 1 session, that is lame, and not considered to be a jackday!
oh dude, i couldn't stop thinking of fucking samantha i needed a total jackday! if it wasn't for my 'rents coming home it woulda been totally EPIC
by jackask September 04, 2012
same as a jackday except over the course of a weekend. Therefore, no human contact of any kind for more than 2 hours in a 48-hour period. Or in the case of long weekends, 2 hours in a 72-hour period or 3 hours in a 96-hour period.

You must have had at least 3 sessions on every jackday of the jackend in order for it to be considered a true jackend.

If you have one session for every 3 hours of the jackend - you have had an EPIC jackend! this does not mean you must have a session every hours, only that if you divide the total number of hours by 3, you should have had at least that many sessions to be considered and EPIC jackend. For example, 48 hours = 16 sessions, 72 hours = 24 sessions, 96 hours = 32 sessions
Dude 1: "dude, didn't see you this weekend, what's up?"

Dude 2: "oh man, i haven't hit anything for a month - my balls were smurfed they were so blue. I had a total EPIC jackend, man."
by jackask September 04, 2012

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