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a very good excuse not to show up for work. when a man on a certain hill consumes an unknown amount of moonshine and can not make it to the coal mine he calls a "hillbilly holiday"
i got drunked up last night i aint goin to work...i am takin a hillbilly holiday.
by jacin rome December 16, 2005
that stinky brown stuff that comes from ones bum. some people like talking about it and they are often refered to as potty mouths. there are folks who have poop fetishes and like to use poop while engaging in unnatural sexual acts.
I was having anal sex and got excrament on my cock
by jacin rome October 28, 2005
an insult to be used on thirteen year old boys same as calling them fags
"if you were a dinosaur you would be a dorkasauras"
by jacin rome October 08, 2005
an ancient christian sect known for their veneration of the sainted whore some times refered to as catholic.
i am an Assolic i attened the church of the Holy Excrament.
by jacin rome October 10, 2005
A reference to a fetish that involves defecating and urinating on your love interest. It is in common use in Germany. Here in America we are christians and dont do such abominations.
I went to Helmuts house for champagne and caviar and Heidi shit on my head and Dietrich pissed in my eye.
by jacin rome September 04, 2009
a term used in bars and other drinking establishments to let the bartender know just how thirsty one is
Hey! I'm "farting dust" ova heeya who do I blow to get a drink?
by jacin rome October 07, 2005
a term used to describe an encounter of a sexual nature in a christian chat room.most often with fat married christian women from kentucky.
i cybered with martha4jesus777 she is such a slut.
by jacin rome October 10, 2005

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