12 definitions by jabs

Man. Spanish man. Mexican. Fat scary ect.
He once carved graves for your mooother and faaather, He would haate to carve ones for you muchachos.
Senor Lopez do you really think he will come!?
by Jabs March 14, 2003
1. An entity (human or otherwise)
Hey look at that myn!

Oh, thats a funny myn!
by Jabs May 10, 2006
interj. said upon seeing or hearing somthing satisfying or rediculous.
Look at that, I threw a knife into a watermelon at 100 yards! Laddle!
by Jabs March 24, 2005
pron. alternate word for them or they
Look at dems.

Dems cookies taste like gasoline.
by Jabs March 25, 2005
hairy gay men.
posh's lover, the bowsk, krim.......
by jabs October 08, 2003

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