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custard dick is where chronic hero dips his cock into a girls virgina and gets the period blood on it custard hence the name custard dick
i fucked your mom hard last night and got custard on my penis i got custard dick
by jabbas back October 18, 2008
pillpopper is someone of custard bus attitude thats like to go munging on the weekend and like to pop beef curtain pills and be very fucked up when he goes to work. while he still has a job!!!!!!
i feel liked getting axed from my job so i can be like the pillpopper.
by jabbas back March 08, 2009
Is someone who likes to do everything in the fast last even there love life just wants to get it over and done with as quick as they can, also into taco cheese.
thats it its, all over in a sec, is that the best you can do speed demon
by jabbas back February 23, 2009

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