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Happier than a faggot with two assholes.
After I told Dad the good news, he asked me if I was "dos culos??"
by J4 August 18, 2003
For use in Instant Messaging, descriptive of the "zhj" sound in words like caSual and uSual.

Kinda hard to write down, so use j~ instead. Mainly used for abbreviating words, e.g. caj~ as an abbreviation of casual and pronounced cazhj. Sorta.
I'll dress smart-caj~.
by J4 March 09, 2005
When one forgets. A forgetful person.
Charles: "Yo wat up Bobby? Wacha doin?"
Bob: "U know, gettin' da auto-mobile washed on a beauutiful day, brotha."
Charles: "Cool cool..."
Charles: "Yo wat up Bobby? Wacha doin?"
Bob: "Nigga, I jus told you. U havin a momento moment?"
by J4 February 25, 2004
And, of course, h4x0rzz!!1!!!11*

* See: noobs
Example: 7|-|15 15 \/\/07 0|\|3 /\/\173 |)33/\/\ 1337!!!1!
by j4 April 05, 2005

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