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When you step outside and have such a bad allergic reaction to the pollen in the air you start crying, your nose starts running, and your face feels swollen.
Friend: Are you crying?

You: No, I just got flowerfucked in the face!
by j2themfk August 15, 2011
The act of appearing sober in front of cops/parents/employers in order to avoid getting arrested/grounded/fired. Normally said by a less drunk friend to the more drunk friend to avoid the aforementioned consequences.
Drunk Friend #1: *stumbling around* Hey! Hey! You on the horse! Why dont you.... *continues mumbling incoherently*

Less Drunk Friend #2: Cory! Those are cops! I'm going to need you to golden eye for me buddy

Drunk Friend #1: Top of the evening to you gentlemen, beautiful night for a walk if I do say so myself.

Less Drunk Friend #2: Very nice.
by j2themfk December 01, 2011

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