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The act of sucking one's own semen recently deposited in a rectal cavity after homosexual intercourse. "Feltching" has the dubious honor of stalling any advances in understanding human behavior by both the scientific and philosophical communities. The debate focuses on the absurdity of a culture that stipulates the sharing of ones toothbrush with another person is taboo as well as unhealthy and socially inexcusable behavior but gleefully accepts sucking dry the asshole of another man before swallowing the discharge.
After their 'naked lunch', Little Boy Blue Balls and his friend, 'Browny" were ready for desert.Their waiter, Rex, suggested ice-cream and cool-whip. "Lil-Boy, nothing like a cool down, after the going down that I just witnessed". "Don't be silly Rex, you know that ice-cream will totally destroy the wonderfull aroma we can all share after I rare-back and let go a 3 alarm FELTCH BELCH!
by j.r. dada March 08, 2007

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