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When a girl's nipples over shadow her areolas she ceases to have nipples. She has blipples.
Her blipples made it look as if two big ass prunes were accurately thrown at her chest.
by J.N. Growling July 02, 2010
A term for friend or person who doesn't put in any money when a group of people are attempting to buy drugs, but still expects to partake in said drug recreation.
Can I have a hit?
You didn't put in.
Fuckin' Drugus.
by J.N. Growling July 02, 2010
The sexual act of sneaking up on a girl while she's sleeping and eating her ass out like Snake Solid would do. Can sometimes be considered rape.
I gave my girl a snake salad last night without waking her or alerting any guards.
by J.N. Growling July 04, 2010
The ice cream parlor where Tony Soprano was murdered in the HBO series, The Sopranos. It is a pretty nice establishment except when the tourists and film & tv tour buses invade and take pictures of it. It is located in Bloomfield, NJ.
You want to go to Holstens?

Nah, there's gonna' be too many people snappin' shots hoping to see James Gandolfini.
by J.N. Growling July 02, 2010
A Jewish accountant that does not follow the rules. He banks for the purposes of a greater good. He moves in the shadows to serve the light.
He is a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Kike.
by J.N. Growling July 08, 2010
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