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1 definition by j-sizzleee

oh hot shit. like guys worship her. Everyone wants whats in her pants, but she doesn't give it to them easily. You gotta fight for your right. she falls in love with anyone named karl, or looks like a karl, but gets over how sexy she thinks he is. Shes a gymnast ;) she likes to stick on unicorn horns and gallop around town, maybe you can catch her? she's like so sexy its hard to look at her cuz ur innerds may melt due to the hottness. tends to get fucked and left in random places, like k-mart. point of the matter is, alexandra is better then you.
dude: who da hotty over thurrrr???

dude 2: damn man thats alexandra, udk her?

dude: nahh but imma fuck her tonight
by j-sizzleee August 24, 2012
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