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1. music that can sometimes be good, but there are so many people who ruin it. britney spears, j-lo, avril...ect.
THEY ARE #####, and are mostly only respected for their sexuality. 120000
preteen skanks, and even more people who just listen to whatever is "cool"
are it's spawn. I still respect you if you listen to the music, not the messages. Pop can usually be recorded easily, with machines for all sounds and 40-year-old drunk guys writing lyrics.
pop can either be hateful to other genres, or posers of thier culture. Justin timberlake thinks he is a rapper, and while rap is annoying, and generic in my opinion, I would love to hear some tupac instead of him. Avril is appearently a punk.......oh, wait now shes "goth"..... What next, rap!?
"yoyo, im pimpin a-v wit 3 thangs ta suck at!"
be yourself, listen to what you want.
It's all music.

2. soda. mmmmmm....soda...
1. Yo, yo yo i wus bee bobbing down the sreet, shaq came down to greet, he was full 'o meat. "yo kid wanna play one on one?" all i wanted was some fun........yo janet, im down wit yo brotha yo!
-Aaron Carter

2. mmmm...soda pop.. WHAT THE ####? THE MACHINE GOT JAMMED!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
*kicks machine untill it explodes*
by j-a-y November 29, 2004

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