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A person who works in a shop often ask to work on shit nobody else wants to. Often call a slab rat. low man on a totempole that makes sue everyone elses shit is right but gets no credit what so ever for it.
Man we are really busy good thing we have these shop hands working day and night to get shit out the door.
by j hawk August 31, 2010
A lazy mother fucker. Often incapable of preforming simple task, such as there job. Often complain about working and needing help. Complete oppesit oF a Packer hand!
Man these fishing hand are more worthless than dog shit, I would trade all of them for one Packer hand.
by j hawk August 31, 2010
A godly figure capable of building almost anything. Can fix most anything and gets no respect for it. Often very under appreciated and asked to do more than anyone.
Dude this shit is fubared we better get a packer hand to work on it.
by j hawk August 31, 2010

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