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A combination of McDonald's and Monopoly all rolled into one word - McDopoly. Typically, McDonald's has the Monopoly game promotion every year, usually around October.
I'm gonna go play McDopoly when I'm out.
by izcool October 13, 2010
The newest way of fast food places (especially McDonald's) to try to get you to buy food that you don't want or need. When you get to the drive-thru ordering spot (with the menu and all), they "greet" you with "Hi, would you like to try a nice Cappuccino today?". Of course, you think this is a person that is ready to take your order. Instead, when you're in the middle of saying your order, you get "Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?", or "Sorry - can you repeat that?". This is just like going inside and when you reach the counter, the person says that crap to you, and walks away. I find it ridiculous.
Me: *Drives up to the drive-thru*
Speaker: "Hi, would you like to try a nice Cappuccino today?"
Me: Yeah, hi, can I get your #9 3-Piece meal?
Actual Person: Sorry, can you repeat that?
Me: *Hot steam coming from ears* Yeah, can I get your #9 3-Piece meal?
Actual Person: Please drive up.
Me: *Wonders how much cash to pull out* How much is it?
Actual Person: Uh....$6.16.
Me: *Wonders why I'm not greeted nicely, not told the cost of how much I need to pay, or why I never even got thanked for placing my order and doing business with them*

Seriously, this pre ordering crap sucks.
by izcool August 22, 2009
There's several ways to define an accident:

1. You, the day or night that you were conceived. Usually happens when there's a broken condom involved when your mom and/or dad did not want a child.
2. Your face. In this world you either fall into the beautiful people category, the butterface category, or the fugly category if you're ugly all around. If you have a butterface or if you're fugly, people may say that your face was an accident when God created it.
3. The time when you run your car into someone else's by mistake or intentionally.
Scenario #1:
Woman: Oh yeah baby!
Man: Aaaarrgghhhh!!! Oh fuck, the condom broke!
Woman: *sweating* We're fucked now.
Man: What can I say...it was an accident.

Scenario #2:
Guy: What happened to your face? It looks like an accident. Did someone beat you with an ugly stick?
You: *sigh*

Scenario #3:
You: *smashes into some brand new expensive car* Oh fuck.
Guy: What the fuck, man?
You: It was an accident!
by izcool September 10, 2009
The male equivalent of Beauty Sleep for women.
My Girlfriend: "I have class on Saturday until 12:30"
Me: "Okay, I'll catch up on my Handsome Sleep then as I have the day off"
by izcool August 18, 2010
What I think McDonald's should call their "Dollar Menu". I'm lovin it.
Hmm, what should I get on the McDollar Menu today...?
by izcool December 04, 2010
Put simply - Justin Beiber's signature haircut.
Little Kid: Hi, can I get the Beibercut please?
Hair Stylist: Oh no!
by izcool February 21, 2011
The cute but vicious spider that's featured in many of the later Lol-Comics. It always wears a sombrero and loves Mexican food and if you bring it Chinese food, it will be upset. Often times, even when it's being flushed down a drain, it will yelp out "Fiesta!".
Dude, did you see that spider?! That was crazy...it was wearing a sombrero and it ate all my Mexican food! It looks like it doesn't want anything to do with your Chinese food. I think I heard it say "Fiesta!" too when it was going after my Mexican food! I'm going to call it the "Fiesta Spider"!
by izcool May 30, 2011

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