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Noun; Jose-is-m.

A religion of where the people of the Josist faith believe that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is their god.

Creation: Joseph created the universe. The water, the trees, and the air we breathe was all crafted from his skill and natural talent.

Trinity: Although Josism primarily consists of the main god Joesph Gordon-Levitt, there are a three sub-gods included within this religion. Robbie Kruse control and Yoann Gourcuff are football gods and Josh Thomas is the god of both cute and humour. Quite like Christianity, Joseph also has an illegitimate son named Chris although he isn't as significant in the Josist faith. Josism believes both in the existence of a single God and that Chris was God, two doctrines which occasionally threaten to contradict each other. This is solved by the idea of the Trinity: Jose is one, but also four persons. Those four persons are Jose the father, Jose the son, Jose the cute and humorous and Jose the footballer.

Redemption: Josism was initially begun in the dreams of people all over the globe in which during the 1980's their god would be born and help reedeem humanity from its sins. Joseph was born on February 17, 1981 which is now globally known as Jomakkah. Joseph also stars in films such as Inception and (500) Days of Summer when he is not busy being the god of the Josists.
Person 1: Are you religious?
Person 2: Yes, are you familiar with JGL? He is my lord and I worship him as I am a dedicated believer of Josism.
by iwuvchris November 26, 2010

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