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J.J.I.B. (Jumping Jologs in Black) are those jologs (mostly adolescent guys) who go to some rock concert in the Philippines, dressing up like rockers. TERRIBLY.

They can be distinguished as J.J.I.B. if they wear black rocker-wear, but much more like an emo-style jolog. They come in groups or clusters and can be seen from all corners of the concert grounds, doing emo stuff and jumping around while guitar riffs and head-banging occur. They can be seen with banners or posters with the name of a certain group of J.J.I.B., (e.g., Emo ng Manila; translated as Emo of Manila, Mga Rakista ng Taguig; translated as Rockers of Taguig, etc.)
J.J.I.B. 1: Tara, punta tayo Pulp Summer Slam!

J.J.I.B. 2: Yeah mehn, tara! Laslas tayo dun!

Fan 1: Yow pare, tignan mo yun oh, mga JJIB.

Fan 2: Yuck pare, ang jologs nila! HAHAHAHA!
by ivanjoe February 01, 2010
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