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The answer to why girls always date douchebags. It usually starts from a young age, when a boy is mean to a girl, the girl goes home and cries to her mom, her mom then says "it's okay, it's just because he likes you", the girl is then happy with that answer and moves on with life thinking everytime a guy is an ass to her, it just means they like her, she goes on thinking that until she is old enough to date guys, and then she proceeds to ask the biggest douchebag out, and that explains how all the assholes get hot girls.
The douchebag theory, the answer to everything.
by itzadolfin!! May 12, 2011
A woman with very awesome boobs. Most likely big and not saggy.
Guy 1: Do you think Chantel is hot?
Guy 2: Yeah man she's boobilicious!!
Guy 1: Fuck yeah man!
by itzadolfin!! May 11, 2011
The act of forcing someone to have sex with you, mostly violently.
Guy 1:Hey you wanna play rape?
Guy 2:No!
Guy 1:That's the spirit!!
by itzadolfin!! May 13, 2011
Slang term for mastrubation
stop jerkin your gherkin!!
by itzadolfin!! May 17, 2011
a sexual act in which when 5 gay men (or a mix between men and women but the women have to have a strap on's) stant about 5 feet from eachother while one bends over on the bed and they all run into each other, making sure that their dick/strap on goes up the ass of the person in front of them in a verry fast plowing session. (it could also be a 10 car pileup if there are more people)
guy 1 bends over on the bed, guy 2 runs then plows his ass, guy 3 then does the same, etc.etc the result is a 5 car pile up.
by itzadolfin!! May 10, 2011
The action of pure randomness and retardation.
Guy 1: My entire family just died!!!!
Guy 2:..........derp!
by itzadolfin!! May 10, 2011

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