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1. see big dip

2. that king nig

its ur big dipper, son
by itsurbigdipson November 17, 2008
1. novice

2. complete opposite of big dipper

3. jdub like qualities

4. referred to as seed or seedling

beat dat ass again in live lil dip, no homo

big dipper: you got that L lil dip

lil dipper: ohh shit my bad, i knew i forgot somethin

big dipper: fuckin jdub
by itsurbigdipson November 17, 2008
1. lil dipper

2. aspires to one day be like his big dip, no homo

3. weak in nature, in need of a role model

big dip: you tryin to run a game of live son

lil dip: nah im too tired

big dip: what a lil dip move, lil dip
by itsurbigdipson November 17, 2008

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