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A very stereotyped place with a lot of rich people, but a lot of them are still really nice. Not all who live on Mercer Island are rich and not all are spoiled.
Me: Hey-
Crazy Woman: Ykno mercer island sux!
Me: Uh-
Crazy Woman: They're all weird stuk-up rich people!
Me: Wut? I-
Crazy Woman: They selfish br-
Me: LISTEN 2 ME WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by itspinkduh April 21, 2006
A horribly stereotyped place with a nice enviroment and usually rich people.
Myth 1: Everyone of Mercer Island r stuck-up:
The truth: Yeah so sum of us r rich; Just cuz sumone's rich doesn't mean they can't be nice people!
Myth 2: Mercer Island hates Bellevue:
The truth: CUMMON! Y HATE BELLEVUE? HECK I LUV BELLEVUE! THE MALL'S IN BELLEVUE! Y shuld we compare ourselves? We prefer 2 spend time doing more productive things.
Myth 3: Mercer Island people r RICH:
The truth: Uh huh...so yeah we aren't poor but we aren't all, omigosh i like TOTALLY hafta have this... I don't go 2 like the expensive stores. Not even expensive grocery stores. Shop at Fred Meyer's so wut?
Myth 4:Islanders won't support local businesses.
The truth: EXCUSE ME? We have fundraisers and donate A LOT! We really care about our community and enviroment. It's not like we're gonna IGNORE IT!
Myth 5: Islanders r naive and stupid.
The truth: Lyke YA RITE! I'm in 9th grade math and I'm a 6th grader! IS THAT A PROBLEM? DO I NEEDA REPEAT MISELF? There are dum people as well as smart!
Myth 6: Islanders think they're better than every1 else.
The truth: *yawn* PUHLEASE! Y can't people accept that we're normal...well sure, again we aren't poor...but u get the point.
Suggestion: Tri getting 2 KNOW us before labeling us.
Stereotyping person 1: Mercer Island is a generic and gross suburb similar to the likes of Factoria.
Stereotyping person 2: Their a large population of extremely spoiled, naive, rich, pussy guys as well as (usually) hot, extremely spoiled, naive, rich, bitchy, stuck-up girls.
Stereotyping person 3: Island next to Seattle full of rich mother fuckers who think they're better than everyone else. Their football team sucks.
Stereotyping person 4: they grow depressed and eventually kill themselves...i would like mercer island if everyone stopped being stupid and pretending like they're cool because they do shit all the time.
Stereotyping person 5:oThe biggest groupl of faggots in the world. Act tough upfront when they are bunch of pussy ass white boyz. Their parents get em whateva they want n the always try n compare them selves to bellevue. funny how ur whole island got da shit kicked out of em dis summer. Faggots the whole state laughs at ur amazingly large egos. Andwhatever happend to ur AMAZING basketball team? Not doin to well dis year. Have fun in football next year playin Bellevue.Mercer Island is the home of a bunch of cockblocks all of the guys there are so unbelievably gay and wanna act tough but will never do shit. Hope ur gay ass island sinks tonight.
Me: CHILL! R guys ok? Both PHYSICALLY AND METALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by itspinkduh April 22, 2006

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