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A place where wanna-be ladies go in order to scrape by with a mediocre education and a sub-par understanding of the material they tried for 4 years to learn.

Once an all women's college, it went coed and since then has lowered it's standards for overall student body quality, allowing common streetwalkers and slut to attend.

The "ladies" that go here are typically ugly, and more times than not socially inappropriate. They drunkenly stumble to the near-by Hampden-Sydney College to try and hit on the gentlemen there. Unless extremely drunk and desperate, the gentlemen that attend the fine institution will ignore them.

Known for their open legs and easiness, Longwood sluts are a prime target if you'd like to catch an STD or stalker. These girls will follow you around the frats, text you continuously, and drink your alcohol, all in hopes of possibly getting to suck a guy's dick.

Jealous of the true ladies that attend Sweet Briar College, Longwood sluts dress up in either one of two ways:
- In fake pearls, knockoff designer clothing, AE or Hollister (any fake preppy brand, really), too much make up
- In anything that reveals their boobs, ass, and stomach.

Instead of the classy real pearls, Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, or Lacoste.

Overall, the girls that attend this university are ones to be avoided.
"See that slut following that gentleman? That's a longwood university girl."

"Last night I got so drunk I just had to fuck something, good thing there was a longwood slut there."

"You know that girl? Becki? Total longwood slut."
by itsjustthetruth3 February 05, 2010

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