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4 definitions by itsjacksond00d

Adjective used to describe something extremely positive (1) or negative (2).
1. This food is sooo fucking dutch, I'm nutting.

2. That fucking dutch cunt just threw a damn bread stick at me!
by itsjacksond00d December 18, 2009
A disease that allows you to live for 80 years. At the end of 80 years you will die instantly. Cornswaggle flu is stronger than any disease or injury, and can even override death itself.
That slopclock gave me cornswaggle flu. I guess I should be making plans until I'm 80.
by itsjacksond00d December 17, 2009
1. Anything that is good or that invokes a feeling of goodness.

2. Used before a word to increase its importance.
1. Dude Weezy's rap on that track is so pure.

2. I'm about to go take a pure dump.
by itsjacksond00d December 15, 2009
Is my best friend.
Osmo: "Who's your best friend?"

Kelmo: "Anal seepage!!!!"
by itsjacksond00d December 31, 2009