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What people say you did when you didn't do something right and they don't want to hurt your feelings.
Lets go get some pizza. I know you did your best effort on dinner.
by itsasecret November 29, 2003
a rich town in Conneticutt where all the lil rich kids spend their time on the ave, and buy tiffany gifts for their friends birthdays. they wouldnt be caught dead in a polo that isnt lacoste. they all call their town GHETTO and crappy, but they really have no idea what they are talking about. so shut up.
shane: whatchya doin tonight?
kelly: i'm headin to the ave..then we're going to the club
shane: do you like my lacoste shirt?
kelly: yeah its the shit!!
shane: omg look at our school its so ghetto, they havnt even replaced our basketball hooop
kelly: yeah i know so sad, i mean its 1 year old, and jesus cant you tell.
by itsasecret April 30, 2005
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