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25 definitions by itichie_nocanpoo

empty bottle of beer and a whore without a hole
there will be no mexicans in hell because they are such good people and mexican hell is a bad place.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 11, 2006
sex in japan or hong kong.
mama song boom boom.. sister song boom boom
by itichie_nocanpoo June 06, 2006
a woman with tits but acts like a man
I saw a man tit at lows. U know a man tit when u see one if you keep assking your self " is that a woman? she got tits! and no hair on leg! and ear rings " Ah must be a man tit when you cant tell for shure. If you lick tits on a man tit you will grow hair between your toes.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 13, 2006
A city in Mexiphornia USA. West of South LA in alto Mexiphorna. Hispanic for Number 2.
Mucho chile en el oso negro chile's bar El Segundo Mexiphornia. yo star fish gets hot-a-leta when yo eat
at El Segundo! 1 block north of old TRW billding!
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006