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The otherwise excellent makeupalley beauty and wellbeing website's weak spot is the cafe board. There is teenage angst re boys and relationships, looks, unfair parents; derogatory comments about mothers-in-law (watch your back if your son gets an MUA girlfriend); disgust re pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding - oh, and pubic hair; childless posters who apparently have the expertise to comment upon child-rearing practices and the inadequacies of parents; nauseating fawning over pets, yet many US cats are subjected to onychectomy, a practice prohibited or restricted in many countries; bragging posts by the sexually 'daring' who aren't doing anything different, just making more 'look at me' noise about it; bashing of and ignorance about feminism, history, the world; pointless posts about pooping (grow up and let us eat our snacks at the computer in peace); film and book recommendations that are usually lowest common denominator formulaic rubbish. The format of the board is chatroom-like, which is a strength, and sometimes there are posters with whom it's possible to have a respectful exchange of ideas, some truly liberated thinking, and real fun rather than a repetition of the same in-jokes. The board is dominated by Americans so be politically incorrect or try a little subtle humour at your peril. Finally, be prepared for some eye-rollingly ignorant posts when the banned topic of religion rears its head, and remember that correct spelling is beyond a majority of the posters, most of whom don't have the excuse of English being their second language.
makeupalley cafe board is where I will learn that 'most people that call themselves feminists are actually mysogynists' and that having pubic hair is unhygienic
by ithastobesaid March 21, 2007
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