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The act of neglecting everything important in your life in order to obtain over hyped footwear. Sneakering usually results in countless hours and money wasted in hopes of getting a pair before they're all sold out and you have to hit up the club in your LA Gear light up shoes or Keds.
Martha knew her marriage was over when she caught Brad camping out in front of a Foot Locker sneakering with a sneaker hoe.
by it'shammatimeyo February 10, 2012
A ghetto broad who lures thugs and urban males by wearing nothing but sneakers. Many of these street walkers dream to be in a Rap video or a Hood Sexy magazine. They would do anything/anyone to cop a fresh pair. Statistically speaking, 92% of Sneaker Hoes end up working the Checker's Drive through window, sporting sneakers that many will never see. The dream never dies.
My marriage was ruined by a Sneaker Hoe.
by it'shammatimeyo February 10, 2012
Noun 1. also known as Shameek is commander-in-chief of an illicit "blue diamond" scheme in Little Guyana, New York (1964- present). Women want him, men want to be him, children and animals fear him. Often sporting layers of Gold jewelry and a velour sweat suit he can be found in any "waste man" bar in Queens. He prides himself on his Facebook mobile uploads often capturing a very filling meal, and inappropriate undertones of fornification. Several warrants have been released for his arrest so the streets can be safe and curry free again. Some call him a friend, others call him the very reason why women carry pepper spray.

2.A cylindrical person of questionable moral values and even more questionable associates. Can be found rolling around urban venues and laughing to himself while his comrades cheer him on.

3. A person or persons that may or may not have been involved in the 1996 Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe theft.
I once believed there would be a tomorrow until I encountered the wrath of Big Jay.
by it'shammatimeyo August 19, 2011

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