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A person of Indian descent. Can be identified by large turban, preparation of delicious spicy food, ownership of a convenience store, inate ability for programming computers, and thick accent that cannot be understood. Usually has a big, bushy beard.
guy 1: Dude, you're like 15. Don't you need an ID to buy ciggarettes?

guy 2: Nah man, the shabidob running the store doesn't give a shit.
by iswearimnotracist February 01, 2006
The act of shifting a motor vehicle into reverse gear while on a highway in order to back up and to get onto an exit ramp one has already passed. This term comes from the New York Metro area, where Asians and Caucasians have conducted a nonscientific study by looking to see what the person taking this action looked like only to find that they are black at least 90% of the time.
"Look at this fucking guy blacking up on the highway..."
by ISwearIMnotRacist June 10, 2013

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