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its usually a big clique with ppl that are out going and loud. we have lots of confidence and are usually on a schools sports team: cheerleaders,football were like most likely to be pretty and hot and we hang out with a pretty large group (10 and over) and we usually throw partys and dress like... hot; the guys are usually trouble makers and us girls are usually like always laughing at something or someone. theres alot of drama going on cuz sometimes you can become friends w/the wrong ppl and you trust them unfortunally. and just so all of you know we don't always crave attention, we just get it cuz all of the haters out there! that talk behind your back,i mean don't you get enough of that for your bffs (jk but stil..)
alice: ''i wish i was friends w/them''
Alex: ''no you don't, they're all bitchs!''
alice: ''yeah ik, but they are popular.''
^^^^HATER ALERT!!!^^^^
by isobelle September 24, 2008

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