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Pronounced (Youz-ah)

Usually the sentence with User ( Youz-ah) is followed by some kind of insult.

User is the preceeding word to an insult.

Directed towards one person.
Examples Man User loser!

Girl please ,user such a whore!

Fuck you. User such a douchebag!

User. i dont even know!

User a user!
by isimplyfold November 13, 2010
1.A man who has low self esteem needs love and more people to be with to make him satisfied with his sexuality.

2.A man who will sleep around with the girls to keep him happy to feel wanted.

3.A sleezy guy that will cheat on you. But you probally knew he was a player.

4.A guy who you might hang to dry.

5.A hater. who calls girls sluts but doesnt realize what he is himself.

6. the guy next door.
Boy 1.: You slut!
Girl2.: You Manslut!
(bad example)
by isimplyfold November 04, 2010
1.A guy thats into dudes, but dresses so damn well, and has an awesome personality.You wouldnt mind chilling with that fab. He might even be a bro.

2. Not an alternative insult.
Dude : hey dude look at that fag
Dude 2: Man stfu! Hes a fab
by isimplyfold November 04, 2010

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