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A way of saying "yeah right" or trying to say something's never going to happen because it sounds so rediculous. Synonomous to "when hell freezes over"
Derek: "Hey Dan can i borrow your car tonight?"
Dan: "No"
Derek: "Come on dude please. Won't you ever trust me."
Dan: "Hell no. I'll trust you when Justin Bieber's balls drop."
by ishakeimove May 08, 2010
Fugly grandma purses every 12-17 year old girl on the planet wears. They come in these nasty paisly prints and look like quilts, and some go across the body and look like something a 12 year old dork would wear to match her grandma. It is for nerdy teenagers with no sense of style. I've seen several old ladies wearing them trying to be "hip" also. They've been around for about 5 years but haven't seem to die down. Anyone who has worn a Vera Bradley purse in public has committed social suicide.
Kate: "Like do you have the new paisly Vera Bradley hipster? Aren't I so fucking cool?"
Hannah: "I've seen like 20 other people with the exact same one, I think my grandma has it."

Kate: "Oh, huh, I guess I'll just have to buy another one."
by ishakeimove May 09, 2010
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