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a hella legitimate female whose name is made by taking the end of the word "dar" (suffix of radar), and the sound "C". a very intuitive young lady, often mistaken for being shy, or introverted because she's always laughing at you in her head. or laughing at her own thoughts about your interactions or the general reality that is. Darcey always has wonderful insight, and usually can make you laugh if you're willing to spend a little time with her. Once she warms up, you'll want her around forever. Often people state that other people look like Darcey, but aren't actually as cool. Darcey can relate to nearly anyone anywhere, she sort of like the glue that binds things together, especially during tough times. Most people are suprised by her once they get to know her, because she's always got something to bring to the table, like the icing on the cake. Anyone can talk to Darcey and be understood, but that doesnt mean Darcey walks around talking to everyone. She's usually either one step ahead, or two steps too late, and happy either way.
man, i wish my girlfriend was legit like Darcey.
by ised December 01, 2010

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