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Suburban County outside of DC in Maryland. Most known as the richest Black county in the country. Also known to lack commercial activity so most PGC people gotta travel to other counties for basic necessities.

Outside the Beltway(I-495)- Upper Middle Class and Rich Black people. Made up of huge suburban houses in subdivisions and parts even have huge mansions.

Inside the Beltway(I-495)- Depending on where you are, could be either working class, low-income or middle class Blacks. A few parts are getting worse since some of the poor of SE DC are getting priced-out and pushed into here.

(Of course there's a few white and hispanic people scattered around)
PGC Guy: Hey, come to my crib to chill

MOCO/NOVA Guy: PG County! No, don't go there, that's the ghetto!!

PGC Guy: Only PARTS of the inner-beltway are ghetto you fuckin retard

MOCO/NOVA Guy: Oh goodness, are you sure?

PGC Guy: Yes, now shut yo ass up before I dump your bama ass in SE DC so you'll see what a real ghetto is
by irwohgaougaoguaittw October 16, 2011
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