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A high school located in Harrison, NY. Most people are ignorant and racist. Known for it's football team, and its scandal. The kids are spoiled, dressed in Abercrombie, Juicy or Armani (but most of them don't have a sense of style)... Especially the Lakers (those who live West Harrison, who wear free t-shirts and khols jeans). The parties are wack (except if they are gonna be busted by the cops). Drugs are popular (Weed & coke) and most kids turn out to be alcoholics. Fake people are EVERYWHERE and dumb people are even more common. New hairstyles, parties and "who fucked who" stories are more important than grades.
Harrison High School Social Class-

1. Preps/Rich Kids

2. Football Players/Cheerleaders

3. Guidos & Lakers

4. "Ghetto" kids

5. Band Geeks
by iruletheschool September 27, 2010

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