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"is your friend" - a generalisation of GIYF. Follows the name of a source of information whenever Google would not actually help.
"WTF does 'IYF' mean?"
"Urban Dictionary IYF!"
"...STFU too."
by Irrelevant March 09, 2005
getting it on!
i adore a good scrump in the morning...
by irrelevant September 13, 2003
A small group of crazy Mexican guys who wander the streets playing cheesy music for money.
Hey, you with the sombrero! Come sing a birthday song for my girl here!
by Irrelevant May 29, 2005
An excuse used by lazy brats, bams, those on the dole, etc to get out of admitting that they do, in fact, suck at life.
"It's not my fault I missed that very important deadline, I've got ADHD."
"Eh, ithinknot. Go clear out your desk."
by Irrelevant March 09, 2005

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