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Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or queer. The latest even-more-all-encompassing term for LGBT to be invented by the PC police.
<queer 1> I'm going to go to the LGBTQ pride parade.
<queer 2> LGBT...*Q*?
<queer 1> Yeah, the Q stands for queer.
<queer 2> You know, "queer" means "LGBT etc" on its own, so that's completely redundant.
<queer 1> Yeah, but my internalised homophobia and self-hate's manifesting itself as an obsession with being ultra-PC, so I feel like I have to include every possible word for non-straight when I just mean queer.
by Irrelevant March 31, 2006
When you have produced something original (music, an invention, whatever), to make a fortune by lisencing (NOT selling, see below) the rights to it to a big company that can bring it to the masses. Differs from being a sell out, as you still own the rights, so the big co. can't force you to go mainstream to make them even more money.
Originated when the electronica artist Moby sold the copywrites to every track on the album "Play", for use in ads, films, and TV.
James Dyson demonstrated how to do a moby when he came up with that uberhoover.
by Irrelevant September 11, 2005
To do this with, to, or at someone is to give them a very thorough beating. Combines the excessive violence of WWE: Smackdown with the hyperactivity (and reckless danger) of a Happy Fun Ball.
Well damn, they put anchovies on my pizza. Now I'm gonna have to do the Happy Smackdown dance with the delivery boy. I'd just finished cleaning the blood off my cluebat, too.
by Irrelevant April 26, 2005
The use of one's shirt collar, pulled up over the nose and mouth, to protect one from the stench of a recent fart. May also be pronounced "jayse" mask.
Dude, I totally just tooted. Gas masks ON.
by Irrelevant March 19, 2005
"An addiction"
SW (street wise): " B-FAST " as in " I am a breakfast addict, I want to score some breakfast. I am B-fast "
ANYONE ELSE (AE) : a problem (i like BREAKFAST)
" snow, forget it . . . . i want breakfast, i'll put it in my stash "
by irrelevant November 03, 2003
Slang of the neighbourhood Zeswegen in Holland
I'm going to kick you ass,Ouw Hoer Niet Hee !!
by Irrelevant November 15, 2003
A question mark, "?" (unicode 0x3F).
some nut: "Qrrbrbirlbel!"
you: ???
by Irrelevant August 26, 2005

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