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1 definition by irishtemper25

Only the greatest summer camp in summer camp EVER!!! At this awesome place, people learn that becoming closer to Jesus Christ isn't stupid and he can help you get through a lot. You meet some of the coolest people there who you probably will be friends with until the day you die. The best part of this camp is the competition. The destinations are either Lake Gloria (the best) or the Que (ehh...good). Campers are either Red Hot Romans or Cool Blue Galatians. The Romans and Galatians compete in various meets and daily competitions to learn more about glorifying God. The most important thing that campers should live on fully is the "I'm Third" Motto:
1.) God First
2.) Others Second
3.) I'm Third
Through this, they learn how to love their neighbor on the other team and learn how to live like Jesus would want them to. Also, this camp is known for its amazingly fun activities including the water park, the blob, the zipline, water slide, water skiing, canoeing, the summit...and so on.

Summer's Best Two Weeks: Living out the "I'm Third" motto since 1966. :)
(after competition)

Roman: Hey nice hustling! You did an awesome job and had some pretty nice goals!!!

Galatian: Thanks!!! But your encouragement for everyone was just through the roof!!!

Roman: Aww thanks!!! Want to be my zip-line partner?

Galatian: Is that even a question?! That's my favorite part of Summer's Best Two Weeks!!!
by irishtemper25 December 14, 2010
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