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a city in the province of ontario, canada that is outside of buffalo. many college students do go here to drink booze and get shitfaced legally since the drinking age in canada is 18. however they rarely check id's so some high school kids try to get in to the bars and i say try it cuz most of the time it works. this city does kick ass and canadians kick ass in gneral, but however its pretty "americanized" because of all the tourists. it's not what i say "real canada"...well no it is real canada but if u've been there you know what i mean..theres no sugar shacks...real maple syrup...snow parks...traditional food. some of the best restaurants are here and the greatest casions and hotels. like the hard rock cafe =) clifton hill is the main street of niagara bc it is known for the great american midway arcade..haunted houses.souvenir shops...restaurants...ripleys museums..watch it thugh a lot of those haunted houses are cheesy..the good shit is at "screamers" haunted house with live chainsaws and shit. it also has the best hotel the great wolf lodge...which is an indoor water park. marineland is here too but that place is a seaworld wannabe and it sucks now it used to be good. but however if you do want to see real canadian culture dont go to niagara falls.

niagara falls NY- is a part of buffalo where two main party schools are..UB (university at buffalo) and the even biger party school NU (niagara university)...like most other colleges partying is taken more seriously than academics.
guy "yo son what yu doin dis weekend lets get out of UB"
guy 2 "hel yea man lets go bar hopping at niagara falls"
by irishanonymous August 28, 2007

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