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Loosely defined as the intentional large-scale manipulation of the global environment; planetary tinkering; a subset of terraforming or planetary engineering. Techniques proposed include sulfate cannons, space mirrors, and huge buckets of white paint.
In 1996 Thomas Schelling wrote, “’Geoengineering’ is a new term, still seeking a definition. It seems to imply something global, intentional, and unnatural….” Geoengineering is the last gasp of a dying civilization.
by ipsler.gonkler December 31, 2008
The Magic Negro; a widely accepted sociological concept applied to the 44th US President. Not to be confused with the magic dragon, which Obama puffed (and inhaled).
Obama, the Magic Negro, will make everything right -- LA Times.
by ipsler.gonkler December 31, 2008

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