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A seemingly vulgar phrase from the animated fantasy television series "The Pirates of Dark Water," used in context similar to "oh, for fuck's sake..." by nearly every denizen of the fictional aquatic world of Mer.
Noy jitat! Those kreld-eating dagron riders are still on our tail!
by invisible christopher walken March 02, 2009
1) A place of refuge or 'safe zone' where one is free from predation.

2) An often sarcastic, sometimes affectionate nickname for the chain store the Price Chopper.
We have to get to ze chopper!
by invisible christopher walken March 02, 2009
Phrase referring to the experience of diarrhea so intense, when squatting upon a toilet one stomps their foot on the ground as they expel brown fluids from their hindquarters. Often associated with moderate to severe pain akin to a burning sensation.
That week old chalupa I scarfed last night gave me the stomps all morning.
by invisible christopher walken March 02, 2009
1) Anything that is down or is going down.
A) Something that is doomed for failure. An action or idea that will lead to catastrophe in the near future. A cluster fuck.
B) Something that is cool, hip, or groovy. esp. Someone that is in touch or on board with a cool activity.
C) A promiscuous female or male. esp. One who readily performs oral sex on others.

2) A badass helicopter that will fuck your day up if you mess with the best.
1.A.) I watched Jake pull out a spray can as he neared the police cruiser, and I knew that the night was about to go totally blackhawk.

1.B.) Yoda turned to me, a packed bowl in his gnarled little hand, and asked "Get down, do you?" That's when I looked at him and said, "Like a blackhawk, baby."

1.C.) I nudged Will as Sheila walked past us and told him, "Go for it dude, she's a total blackhawk." Will responded, "What, you mean she'll suck my dick?" I answered, "Yes, that is exactly what I mean."

2.) I told Chuck Norris he was a chump, and the next thing I know eighteen blackhawk helicopters come out of nowhere dropping ninjas out of the sky. That was a bad day.
by invisible christopher walken March 01, 2009
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