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A term coined by "The Todd," a perverted character on the hit tv comedy "Scrubs."

To interpret a slap on the face as a misplaced high-five.
Carla: Why is my stapler on the floor?
She bends over to retrieve it, revealing a slight peeping thong.
Todd: Thonnnnnnnng!
Carla whips around and slaps him.
Todd: Face-five! Oh, yeah!

I tried to look up that chick's skirt and she gave me a face five for effort!
by intrepid May 09, 2005
someone who protests during the day and represents themselves as a "majority", while the real "majority" are working to pay for the protesters dole checks.
"Man, I wish I had alot of spare time on my hands to stand around holding a sign like those war protesters, oh well, I have to work."
by intrepid March 27, 2003

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