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Noun. 1. To whine incessantly about the state of the state, complete with empty threats of changing things. Armchair anarchist.
2. Flamer or Troll that targets political sites to hate on.
Dude, you're always spouting off about government or corporate hypocrisy. Maybe forego that case of beer tonight and get off your ass and do something about it. Anything else is just whinarchy.
by intelligrrl January 07, 2012
A random person that suddenly appears next to you, in order to arrange a situation that seems more intimate than that of a stranger. Usually used during ARG games for photo-op points, or as a strategy to divert your opponent's attention.
Jane: Hey, I saw you talking to that cute Asian girl yesterday, you two seemed pretty close. Is she your new girlfriend?

John: Hell no! That was a framefriend! She marked me as soon as she got on the bus. When she made her move pretending to be lost and asking me to bring her to her destination, I immediately exited the bus and power walked her there…9 blocks away....uphill....in the rain....with her high heels on….
by intelligrrl March 21, 2012

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