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A misplaced hand occurs when someone tries to feel up another person and that person then has to move the hand away (usually to the hip or worst case off the person all together). Most people will get the hint that the area is off limits however sometimes the misplaced hand is misonstrued as playing "hard to get" leading to further embaressment.
After an enjoyable makeout session, maria had to put billys misplaced hand in check. It was only the 2nd date and he had to do some more wining and dining before he could move to 2nd base.
by inspectah gadget April 19, 2010
The undergarments a guy wears just about anytime other then when hes knows hes about to score. They are barely holding on to life and could only be identified as underwear by either the owner or a person with a creative mind. Unlike famine underwear, men will wear this for an indefinite period of time until said garment vaporizes.
Just put on my favorite pair of underwear and it disintegrated
by Inspectah gadget April 17, 2010

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