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Another japanese automaker. They make(d) cars such as the Skyline GT-R, 300ZX, Silvia/240SX, and the new 350Z.
Nissans will last you a long fucking time.
by insmod_ex August 11, 2003
An EXTREMELY well built car thatll last you a long fucking time. The company was started by Soichiro Honda after he was a mechanic in a shop. Before they produced cars, they were known for theyre motorcycles. Now Honda includes ATV's, Motorcycles, Cars, boat engines, snowblowers, and the Acura automobile lineup. Honda's are known to survive well past 180,000 miles. Many people think my del Sol Si is new, but little do they know it has 150,000 miles on it.
The Honda S2000 produces more hp from a 2.2liter 4 banger than anything else on the market. Nice 11:1 compression ratio, Honda.
by insmod_ex August 11, 2003

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