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The punk subculture formed in the early 80s. Not to be confused with the Germanic tribes. Creative, intelligent, interesting people who share similar ideas, likes and dislikes. One cannot classify 'goth' in one way...there are many types of goth. Usually thought of as being depressed, mentally ill, social outcasts with nothing on there minds but pain, death and world destruction(which is not always true) I am considered a 'goth' I do usually wear all black but I do so not because I want to be popular but because it is comfortable to me...and not everyone who wears all black are goths and not all goths wear all black...I wear red and grey and other colors.
goth-an openminded person who can laugh at him/herself as well as others...(adjective: Gothic)
by insanitywithacause December 19, 2003
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