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Refers to a sexy person or object.
KG: seen the new girl in campus?
SS: yeah she's rapchik !!

KG: waah beedu .. kya rapchik gaadi hai
by insanehead July 06, 2011
a cool , chilled out person. Happy in his own world, adventurous and a great prankster.
KG: I'll prefer anyone who is subheet.
AS: Of course .. those are the best kinda ppl out there.
by insanehead July 06, 2011
1) A word defining happy gesture and aal-iz-well mode. Synonym for bindaas , jhakkas , hud dabanng dabanng
2) used by predator tribals on finding a prey.
3) Inspired a few old indian songs and TV ads jingles and taglines
KG: wassup dood ?
AS: my life is jhingalala! you tell ?

AB: Aaj to jhingalala ho gaya !!
AG:What happened?
AB: After 33 proposals , my gf accepted :) \m/
by insanehead July 14, 2011

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