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The ultimate McDonald's creation.
Step 1. Buy a McDouble and a McChicken

Step 2. Separate the McDouble by the paties so there are two buns with a pattie on each.

Step 3. Place McChicken in between McDouble.

Step 4. Consume McDank to your heart's content. (preferably paired with God Nectar)
by inkspill July 05, 2009
The ultimate drink. (usually paired with a McDank)
Step 1. Get a large cup.

Step 2. Fill halfway with Cherry Cola

Step 3. Fill other half with Dr. Pepper

Step 4. Consume the god nectar. (preferably while consuming the McDank)
by inkspill July 05, 2009
1. Moist and/or wet.
2. Fucking awesome.
3. Extremely tasty.
1. This swamp is really dank.
2. Oh my god you did a backflip. Thats pretty dank.
3. McDank. (search it)
by inkspill July 05, 2009

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