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One who Smells another peoples shit.
That Sativa is a huge Pinch Sniffer!
by Injurious June 04, 2007
The Religion of Sluts.
Man and woman group that does not care about god and his powerful wrath. This group is more interested in sexual pleasure, and self love. Memebers of Slutligion are allowed to be of other religions as long as they have sex at any given oportunity, Slutligion has no commandments. The only rule is do not kill your partner or harm in a negetive way. In order to get into Slutligion one must sleep with many different people of many different cultures and races. There is no leader of Slutligion. But If there was it'd be a women...
Yo, I met this mulsim chick....shes so fucking hot she wants me to convert to Muslim....but I'm going to show her the ways of Slutligion and i'm sure she'll fall for me!
by Injurious August 23, 2006
A person that never gets sex, or has never had sex.
Yo, Number17! Whats up Noneslut?
by Injurious August 25, 2007
A virgin or someone that does not get sex.
Yo, whats up Noneslut?

by injurious August 07, 2007
More insulting than just a pussy, 2 finger pussy is 2nd stage pussy, after you've poked the pussy once, you step it up to 2nd"
yo that guy jonathan is a Two finger pussy
by injurious July 08, 2006

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