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The chain you smack someone in da earlobe wit cuz dey lied to you. And its a greasy chain.
by ingredient B May 04, 2009
Da place where you can find da sexiest silks on da PLANET EARTH dey is made out of meat not silk worms so dey is more rare dat way.
YO BUTTA! soufwest airlines is givin a one way flight from BOSTON TO WILLMINGTON... LESS GO!
by ingredient B May 04, 2009
"Naww Fo REal" often used to get out of situations dat you lie in to seem cool.
Millano: Yo i got shot lass night.
BIGLIPS: no you didnt you would be in da hospital
by ingredient B May 04, 2009
Lips dat you can buy at da supahmaket juss incase your lips are to big or too small and you cant eat yo food. You can also use dem in extra large if u wanna use dem as suction cups so you can stick to windows like spidahman
Chaplan: yooooooo my lips is no small, now i cant eat my soup juss like i wanted to.
Lance: ya u can juss go buy some rubber lips at da supahmaket. Dats what i did cuz my lips was too small, and now i can hang from da skyscrapers wif my lips!
by ingredient B May 04, 2009
the term used for something that never has, does, or will exist- Derives from the fact that there are no black Jews
"The chances of Daniel hitting a homerun are worse than a Black Jew"
by Ingredient B May 04, 2009
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