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The puffy or hoarse wheezy tone of someone who is obese.
Even after Amber got liposuction, she still had a fat accent.
#fat #accent #obese #big #speech
by infected xD July 30, 2010
The line in between abs or fat on one's stomach.
- "Have you been working out? Your abs are tight!"
- "Yeah, but I still need to get rid of my muffin crevasse."
#stomach #abs #fat #muffin #crevasse
by infected xD July 26, 2010
Someone who uses their friend's phone to avoid paying their own mobile fees.
- "Hey dude, where's your phone?"
- "Oh, Mike has it. He ran out of texts on his."
- "What a phone moocher.."
#telephone #phone #mooch #moocher #cell phone
by infected xD July 27, 2010
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