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swangaz are the rims that are on the cars while they are "swangin" on the roads. similar to 84's, 83's, ect.
"look at them swangaz on the cadillac!"
by infamous aaron April 20, 2006
screw what other people are saying. heres the TRUTH! straight from a gearhead. a muscle car is ANY POWER CAR FROM AMERICA in the 1940s to 70s. there are no 80's or 90's muscle cars that are real. it doesnt matter if it is stock or custom. it is a muscle car. there are also muscle cars today. THE CHARGER, THE MUSTANG, CORVETTE, ECT.
the ford mustang is a muscle car.
by infamous aaron April 23, 2006
a slab is a name for a car originated in H town texas. crawling is the effect when swangin. on other words, driving a car reeeeaaaalllly slowly because your drunk from purple drink.
"they dont know about sippin or, they dont know about slabs that crawl," Bun B in paul walls' 'they dont know'
by infamous aaron April 20, 2006

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